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War on Terror:  the world after 1th September 2001
World Trade Twin Towers on fire after terrorist attack (pic: ABC)


from the bulletin boards
Sept 11th: as it happened
World Trade Center: reaction & comment
Archive discussions: Sept 11th

aftermath comment:
When the smoke has cleared
New York Fallout
New York, New Era
WTC and the market crash
Belgrade 1999/ WTC 2001

Sept 11th media reports:
Twin trade towers attacked (Guardian)
Terror attacks hit U.S (CNN)
World Trade Disaster (BBC)
US terror (The Telegraph)
US war of minds (BBC)
Reaping the whirlwind (Guardian)

New York - before the attack (photo gallery)

Terror Crisis 9/11 onwards
Comment, debate and analysis of the 'War on Terrorism' after the terrorist attacks in the USA on Sept 11th 2001.

2005 update
London bomb attacks, 7th July

2003 update
Stop the War in Iraq

9/11: one year on
Guardian: One year On (11.Sept.02)
The dead and the guilty (Simon Schama, Guardian)
BBC - one year on (11.Sept.02)
Jaw-jaw and law-law before war-war (Mirror 11.Sept.02)

Discuss the issues
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archived comment
World opinion against attacks (21.Nov.01)
Blasting our way to peace (13.Nov.01)
The New War Against Terror Noam Chomsky
Anti war speech by Galloway (MP)
America's pipedream: oil & control (23.Oct.01)
People Not Profit (09.Oct.01)
Shabby excuse for democracy (Guardian 16.Oct.01)
Who do we blame? (Irregular times)
15 reasons to be angry

anti War protests: reports
London 18.Nov.01 (BBC report)
London Photo Report 13.Oct.01
London report 2

campaign & media resources
Guide to the Terrorism Act 2001
Stop the War Coalition
Guilfin database
Media workers against the war
One World
Campaign against the Arms Trade
Active Resistance to the Roots of War
Peace Pledge Union
The Nation

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