Brixton Space, Tapas cafe/bar on Brixton Water Lane picks up rave reviews

Brixton Space - Tapas cafe/bar on Brixton Water Lane

A welcome addition on Brixton Water Lane is the new Brixton Space Tapas cafe/bar, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the week using fresh market produce.

Brixton Space - Tapas cafe/bar on Brixton Water Lane

Situated close to Brockwell Park, and opposite the popular Hootananny bar, this small friendly cafe is already picking up glowing reviews.

Here’s an early review posted by gaijingirl on our bulletin boards where there’s been a lively discussion, including contributions from the cafe’s owners.

Run by a Polish lady and her Argentinian business partner, they’re going to have 25 or so different tapas available -“fusion tapas” they said – ie not all Spanish given their backgrounds. We just had some bread, oil and olives but the selection of bread was amazing – especially for the price.

Anyway, I wish them luck – they’ve obviously put a lot of work into their small bar and it’s a nice idea.

Brixton Space - Tapas cafe/bar on Brixton Water Lane

Another poster ‘Rushy’ also paid an early visit:

Nice selection of sliced meats, good cheese with excellent chutneys, stonking houmous (big portion too). Limited menu because the oven was not installed yet. The food was pretty relaxed affair – perfect for eating whilst having a natter and a glass or two – and three of us were stuffed for just over £20.

Ms T was also impressed, posting:

We tried it the other night – thought it was very reasonably priced and pretty good on the whole. Huge portions for tapas too – we ate well for £15 for the two of us. I particularly liked the quesadillas.

‘Winot’ also added:

Excellent food, friendly guy (hi Oscar) and clearly not going to be bringing any trouble to the neighbourhood. Good luck with the hearing – there have been a lot of businesses coming and going in that spot and it would be good to see someone make a success of it.

Brixton Space - Tapas cafe/bar on Brixton Water Lane

Brixton Space [Map]
30 Brixton Water Lane,
(020) 7501 8606

Monday-Sunday 11 am to close

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