Cycing through the city
Up early to pedal into town on a glorious sunny morning.

Cycled to the Wobbly Bridge to see the last of the sheep being herded over the bridge as part of the biennale I’m still not quite sure what the connection with architecture is here).

Zipped across Blackfriars Bridge to watch the sheep being shpeherded into Paternoster Square, while some rather bizarre shouts could be heard from (presumably) animal rights protesters: “it’s hot!” “they’re wooly.”

More photos here: Sheep drive through London

Pedalled eastwards on my trusty Dahon folding bike to take some pics of the Swiss Re building (aka the Swiss Gherkin) and the shiny shiny Lloyds building.

Then on to Brick Lane where I bumped into old urban75 contributor and Year Zero editor Adam Porter and his lovely partner.

Walked on to grab some pics of the now-closed Shoreditch tube station and then delivered some patting and stroking action to the super friendly goats at the Shoreditch City Farm.

Got hissed at by a gaggle of stroppy geese before watching an impressive fly by of sundry military jets, thundering towards Buckingham Palace (not to bomb it sadly, but as part of the Queen’s birthday).

Cycled back into town and grabbed lunch at the Photographer’s Gallery.

Next stop: Brockwell Park for a picnic. Report and photos here

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