Lost pubs, theatres, shops and squats of Brixton

Lost pubs, theatres, shops and squats of Brixton

There’s another massive project underway – but it looks like being a good ‘un!

Lost Pubs

According to real ale advocacy group CAMRA, 26 pubs close forever every month, and 80% of those pubs are either demolished or converted into houses.

Brixton has lost its fair share of pubs in recent years and we’ve posted up a tribute to those fallen boozers:
Lost pubs of Brixton.

Lost Theatres

Despite being famed for its long theatrical tradition, with productions rivalling the West End, Brixton now finds itself without a single theatre. We pay tribute to some of Brixton’s lost cinemas and theatres.
Brixton Lost Theatres

Lost Brixton

Photos of long lost shops, abandoned stations, vanished squats and cafes
Lost Brixton

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