Two lost pubs of Streatham

I’ve already compiled a depressingly long list of closed pubs in Brixton, but I came across another two on Streatham High Road.

The 1882 Bedford Park pub was housed in a particularly Victorian fine building, and its original intricate iron work remains intact.

The Jack Stamps pub has a lot less architectural merit, but any pub closure is a sad loss to the community.

Read more about these two pubs.

2 Comments on “Two lost pubs of Streatham”

  1. Why are these pubs closing? Is it due to the chains/franchises? If so, then they are merely following the trends to which other small businesses have fallen victim.
    Is it due to property values? eg municipal taxes become too high, or it becomes more profitable to sell the place to gentrifying property developers.
    I used to hear the prediction that, eventually, only five corporations will remain in the world. But this has come about much faster than even _I_ had feared.

  2. Is the Manor Arms still open? I was a child, but both my Dad and eldest brother ( both Harry Norman) were strong members of the Manor’s dart team.

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