Site update: New nav bar ahoy!

I’m half way through the awesome task of implementing a newly redesigned nav bar across the entire site.

With pages created over ten years over three domains, it’s proving to be a real hands-on job replacing the old nav bar (of which there are several different versions scattered all over the site), so it’s going to be a while before the whole site is updated.

The new nav bar was needed as several new sections were more or less unfindable with the old navigation, so I’ve added new top nav buttons for Tech, Community, Offline, Panoramas, About us, Mailing List (coming soon!), London, New York, Chat, Sitemap and Festivals.

I reckon by having search and sitemap buttons on every page it’ll be easier for peeps to find stuff in the future.

I’ve also created a whole new ‘info’ section where I’m putting together all the FAQ, help, legal, history, and BB stuff .

I’m still working through it (the site history ended up being 5 pages long!), and I’ll be sorting out a proper updated ‘credits’ section soon.

There’s lots of other stuff to sort out too – the Mag/Action sections are all over the place (amongst others) and it’s going to take time – but I’m working on it!

I hope you like it!

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