Cruising around the coves of Cornwall

Cruising around the coves of Cornwall

My Dahon Jetstream bike

We’ve just come back from a fabulous five days in Cornwall, where we got to give our new Dahon folding bikes a good test drive.

We covered 80-odd miles, crawling up the fearsome Cornish hills and then hurtling down the super-steep valleys around St Ives.

Our journeys included a ride from St Ives to the village of Zennor, followed by a very wet trip over the moors to Marazion station and then onwards to Penzance.

Our two bikes at Hell’s Mouth

Our biggest ride was a 35 mile trip from St Ives to Godrevy Point and then on to Porthreath and back – knackering but great fun.

On the way home I managed to notch up a hair-raising top speed of 41 mph – the way the bike started to wobble furiously suggests that’ll remain my top speed for some time!

The bikes performed brilliantly though. I can’t recommend them enough, and being able to fold them up and simply shove then between the seats of a train is a blast!

Photos to follow soon!

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