Offline, Tom Robinson, Fierce Festival and Bonnington Cafe

Long overdue updates (part one): Offline, Tom Robinson, Fierce Festival and Bonnington Cafe

26th May, Offline Club with Tom Robinson

It was hectic as usual, but in the end Offline went brilliantly: our special guest Tom Robinson (new wave legend from the seminal Tom Robinson Band) put in a fantastic set.

Seeing the whole Dogstar singing along to “2-4-6-8 Motorway” was odd enough, but hearing the place ringing to the chorus of “Glad To Be Gay” was positively surreal!

The rest of the acts were fabulous too, ranging from the Asian hip hop of Graziella to the deep southern experimental sound of Duke Garwood.

Vic’s Cabaret Corner was a hit too, with top sets from Yap, Other Theresa and Ryan The Poet

Offline photo report

21st May, Fierce Festival, Birmingham

Man, this was fun!

We were invited up to review this alternative, experimental performance arts festival and had a great time.

Highlights were witnessing a geezer living in a giant-size swallow’s nest 30m up the side of the Rotunda and an evening of world class cabaret entertainment from the fabulous Duckie Crew.

The ‘C’est Birmingham’ cabaret involved a variety of, frankly, bonkers acts performing on tables in exchange for ‘Duckie Dollars’.

One act was a tuba-playing northern rapper. ‘Nuff said. Wonderful stuff.

Birmingham Fierce Festival report

20th May, Bonnington Cafe, London

Descended en masse to this fabulous cafe situated at 11 Vauxhall Grove, an old-school square near Vauxhall station.

Originally set up as a kitchen for the use of local squatters, the cafe has grown into a popular, no-nonsense vegetarian restaurant.

The food is tasty, reasonably priced and it’s a great place to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Bonnington Cafe website

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