London’s docklands in the 80s, Epping to Ongar railway

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I’ve been dusting off some of my old negatives and scanning in London pictures taken on my trusty Olympus OM10 35mm camera, waaay back in the 1980s. It was amazing seeing how much London has changed and just how knackered things looked twenty years ago.

North Woolwich railway station – a derelict east London terminus

Epping to Ongar railway line, Essex, an abandoned tube line running through the heart of the countryside.

London docks, a photo study of London’s docklands, 1980.

Modern visitors to the Docklands would be very hard pressed to recognise anything from the scenes of industrial dereliction I witnessed in the 80s – I was able to cycle through long, empty warehouses and the whole area was deserted.

Finally, I’ve posted up a piece about another part of London’s history that may disappear forever, as the Herne Hill Velodrome, south London is tragically threatened with closure.

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  1. I am working as a part of a design production team for a film based in London Docklands this September – October and is set in the 1980’s. I was just wondering if you have any more images of the Docklands around this time, or if you know of any useful websites that might have some.

    Many Thanks,

    Bex Coleman

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