Happy St David’s Day/Dydd Dewi Sant! !

Happy St David’s Day/Dydd Dewi Sant! !

Happy St David’s Day/Dydd Dewi Sant! !

Bummer. I’m so busy right now it’s looks like I’m not ever going to find the time to go to the pub to toast my patron saint! Grr!

After weeks, nay months, of having an extraordinarily relaxed work schedule, things have suddenly got very hectic and I’m finding it hard to keep urban75 updated.

As soon as I get time, I’ll be posting up my photos from my recent trip to Rye and then a photo report from the weekend’s wintery walk in Otford, Kent – and then there’s the immense task of updating my New York gallery with zillions of pictures from my trip waaaay back in November.

In a desperate attempt to add something remotely interesting to this blog entry, allow me to list the music I’ve been playing all day while I’ve been slaving over a hot keyboard:

LCD Soundsystems, Bloc Party, Go Team, Hela, Grandaddy, Mojo Studio One Selector, Motown Classics, Boo Hewerdine and Sandy Denny.

Boy, do I want a beer!

(Pic above is of the lovely Gower, south Wales).

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