Feast’o’festive facts!
Brits rule the world when it comes to Christmas partying!

According to a survey in the Guardian, the alcohol consumption of boozing Brits goes up by 41% over Christmas, beating Canada and Germany at 36% each. Killjoy Americans only manage a wussy 29%.

Maybe because of the drunken mayhem at home, more Brits go away for festive holidays than anyone else (189 per 1,000) – more than four times as many as homeboy Americans.

Not surprisingly, the gun toting Yanks also manage to knock off more of each over Christmas too, with 0.74 murders per 100,000 people (0.17 UK, 0.16 Canada, 0.41 France).

When it comes to God-squading, the US has got us well and truly beaten, with a thumping great 550 people per 1,000 attending church – even more than Italy (490 per 1,000). Brits are clearly too busy in the pub, with the lowest percentage in Europe (160/1,000).

Festive Britons lead world for boozing and going away

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