Christmas in Brixton & the Top 30 CDs of 2006

urban75 albums of the year

The urban75 selecta have listed their 30 top CDs from 2006 – check out who’s been rocking their world here:
urban75’s albums of the year 2006

Happy bloody Christmas, Brixton 2006

Brixton Christmas
I’ve been out taking pictures around Brixton, and it has to be said there’s not a lot of festive fare on offer.

Brixton Christmas

See the dismal evidence here and see how things looked a whole lot better in Ye Olde Days (oh Gawd, I’m sounding like an old ‘un here)
Christmas in Brixton, 2006

Cooltan updates

I’ve been sent some more old flyers from Brixton’s much missed and hugely influential Cooltan Arts squat and the old 121 Centre

Relive some old memories and get all misty-eyed here

*Coming soon: blog and photos from my New York/Brooklyn adventure!

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