Beer, records and an old railway station

Offline at the Ritzy
Last night was the seventh Offline at the Brixton Ritzy and it was great fun, although I’m paying a mighty price for my reckless use of the free beer tokens (a necessary DJ perk!).

I’ll post up a proper photo report from the night when I get some time, but for the past few days I’ve been obsessively compiling a feature about another of my obscure interests – the old railways of the Wye Valley Line in south Wales.

Monmouth Troy station
I visited the disused Monmouth Troy station in the 80s and fell in love with the place – with a disused tunnel at one end (I like them), a lovely Victorian station building in the middle (I like them) and the beautiful River Wye flowing at the other end (I definitely like that too), I thought it would make an ideal place for a studio.

Sadly, a pitiful financial income over the ensuing decade meant that I never got close to buying my dream home, and now I’ve missed my chance forever as the building has (bizarrely) now been dismantled brick by brick and rebuilt on a preserved railway line in the Cotswolds!

Oh well. Brixton ain’t too bad! 🙂

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