Sunday night updates…

Sunday night updates…

I’ve just slapped up some photos from the last Offline club night at the Ritzy. Unforgivably, I managed to miss taking pics of some of the DJs, probably down to my over-exuberant intake of alcohol.

Talking of which, I’m afraid last night was a bit of a lager fest too. We started off in the house with Barmeister Eme cooking up lethal cocktail combinations before we made off to the Albert and then up Brixton Hill to the Windmill for a packed People’s Republic of Disco. It rocked.

Inbetween this feast’o’lager, I managed to take in some art this week, checking out the new exhibitions at the Photographer’s Gallery and then being utterly humbled by the photographic genius of Jacques-Henri Lartigue.

There’s an exhibition of his work currently on at the Haywood Gallery and although the admission price is an horrific rip (nine bleeding quid!), the show is definitely worth a look.

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