April showers…

April showers…

Actually, it was more like an April monsoon as a mighty thunderstorm hit London tonight, blasting our poor balcony plants with a bloom-beheading salvo of hail and heavy rain.

Outside, pelted pedestrians ran to cover and did their best to avoid the mini-tsunamis created by traffic speeding through the flooded streets.

Inside, yours truly continued to battle with the thorny problem of finding a new host for the rapidly expanding urban75 website. In the last week or so, I’ve learnt all about, err, exciting things like FreeBSD operating systems, rackspace premiums and – joy of joy – the ’95th percentile method of calculation’. Zzzzz…

Happily, after seven long days of indescribably dull tech talk, I think we’ve managed to secure two excellent candidates who aren’t asking a virtual arm and a leg for their services. Fingers crossed!

On a real bum note, it is with a heavy heart (and a soon-to-be lighter bank balance) that I have to announce the tragic demise of Internet Magazine.

Despite being the finest UK Internet Magazine, corporate monoliths EMAP have decided that it no longer fits in with their marketing ‘portfolio’. And that’s a real shame.

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