Over-lagered in south London


It’s been one of those weeks when there always seems to be an excellent reason for going down the pub.

Wednesday was my friend Gea’s birthday drink at the Effra Tavern, Brixton. They put on excellent live jazz bands on Wednesday and the pub’s a no-nonsense, untouched-by-gentrification community boozah. Recommended.

Thursday was Offline (see below). Much quaffing.

Friday was the Prince Albert followed by a jaunt to the Canterbury Arms.

Saturday, I visited the fabulous Nunhead Cemetery for their Open Day (expect some pics soon) before resuming the lager intake at People’s Republic of Disco.

One of the site regulars had decided to shave off his (very long) hair to raise money for the urban75 Server Fund, so I ended up waddling down Brixton Hill with pockets bulging full of coins!

Today, I’ve managed an alcohol free day, going for a lovely walk in Brockwell park, enjoying a laid back brunch at the Brixton Lounge and then going home to potter about on the balcony and start adding a new ‘tech writings’ section to the site.

I’m going to post up some of the many articles I’ve written for the now-defunct Internet Magazine in the hope it might help me get a bit of freelance work.

Well, I can dream…

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