Writing and alcohol

Writing and alcohol

I’ve always warmed to the romantic notion of the late night writer, pumping out damning prose on a rattling typewriter, a bottle of whisky on the desk and Frank Sinatra on the Dansette.

So how come I can barely write a word of sense once I’ve had anything more than a half shandy? Not only am I crap at writing when drunk, I can’t even do it with a hangover either.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been a freelance writer for Internet Magazine for years and every month I work myself up into a state trying to finish articles on time. I’ve no idea why writing is such a battle for me – the articles usually come out fine in the end – but the writing process always seems to involve stress and panic in equal measures.

When I was writing my book, I was totally unbearable – it was a nightmare! The amount of self-discipline involved was horrendous and the pub seemed to be calling my name whenever I sat down at night.

Still, I got the book finished in time, and I’ve nearly finished my Internet Mag articles too – with a hangover still lingering!

Look out Dylan Thomas!

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