Ouch! Me ‘ead. Birthday party hangover

Ouch! Me ‘ead

Today I’m suffering the mother, father and extended family of hangovers.

Last night was lager plus – and more – and now I’m paying the full price for my excesses.

The club night at Offline went well (I’ll post up pics later) despite having to hastily reshuffle the DJ list around.

Last night’s deck newbies were Em and Bond who soon overcame their nerves and put on fine sets.

Old Offline pros, Scott, Blagsta and Dubversion did the business as usual while I managed to fumble through my set of post punk/00’s tunes without cocking things up too badly.

After the club it was all back to mine for more partying…and party we did till the sun came up!

I’m hoping that the second cup of coffee I’m currently working my way through in the Brixton Lounge will get me back to life – I’ve got a review I have to finish tonight!

drinking folks at Chez Urban75

Monster late night quaffing at Chez Urban75 last night

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