Women of 1970’s Punk

A selection of links

After last night’s all-girl punk rock shakeout, I’ve been having a shufti around these websites:

Women of 1970’s Punk – a huge compilation covering Siouxsie to Pauline Murray to X Ray Spex and

Punk Brighton – covering the history of punk/new wave bands in the Brighton area. There’s a page on The Chefs whose lead singer, the fabulously monikered Helen McCookeryBook, is a top old chum of mine (we worked together in several bands with Lester Square from the Monochrome Set)…

Curiously, my dubious punk rock past has been documented on this incredibly methodical site. The guy’s even listed some of the obscure gigs we did back in 1977!

In fact, there’s a whole page on me here – the only trouble is that it’s all in Norwegian!

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