Brighton rocks!

Brighton rocks!

I’m writing this on the train back from Brighton after a delightful afternoon in ‘London by the Sea’.

The weather was perfect – sunny, crisp and cold – and it was lovely to hear the sound of the sea crashing over pebbles again.

I took some photos of the tragically derelict West Pier, which strikes a forlorn sight as it slowly rusts into the sea, its infrastructure and beautiful Victorian buildings destroyed by two highly suspicious fires.

I hope they nail the bastards responsible – local rumour has it that the culprits might be found just a short distance away to the east…

If you’ve never been to Brighton before, it’s definitely worth a visit – it’s lively, bustling, beautiful and stuffed full of excellent clubs, bars, cafés and restaurants.

Talking of which, you won’t find a better plate of veggie food anywhere than the delicious fare served up by Terre a Terre on East Street.

It’s not exactly cheap, but the food and service is worth every penny!

Sadly, my perfect day was slightly marred by grim news coming from Upton Park, where the mighty Cardiff City lost. Bummer.

Still, I’ll be back in London soon, and I’m sure a few cold beers will help me forget the football result!

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