Actionettes goo to Cardiff

Cardiff report (part one)

We arrived to find the streets of Cardiff deserted as what seemed like the entire city’s population were packed into bars watching the mighty Wales thump Scotland 23-10 at rugby. Woohoo!

We walked to the student union on Park Place and the venue looked fine Рnice and friendly with Stella a mere £2.10 per pint!

We were tipped off that there was a great veggie restaurant on Woodville Place; unfortunately, we forgot that it was Valentine’s Day so it was completely booked up.

After strolling further down the chilly Cardiff streets, we found a new-looking Chinese restaurant further down the road.

Sadly, the prospect of serving 7 Actionettes (and four hungry boyfs) proved a challenge too far for the staff. Meals turned up at erratic intervals with no semblence of order: some people got all their meal in one go, while others got nothing at all.

We eventually got a very nice tasting meal but several of our party were left staring at an empty plate for over 40 minutes.

A near riot was breaking out in the take away queue next door when they were told that their already overdue orders were going to take another 15 minutes.

A few on our table cancelled their orders and left, thoroughly pissed off. And still mighty hungry!

Back at the gig, I was delighted to bump into two urban75ers who seemed as keen as me to take advantage of the low beer prices!.

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