Fuckwits of the Week: Apple Computers

Apple’s homepage is currently festooned with Pepsi logos as part of their disgraceful new iTunes advertising campaign which publicly parades children ‘convicted’ of illegally downloading songs off the internet.

With a rehashed ‘Clash-a-like’ Green Day rendition of “I Fought The Law”, the defeated kids look suitably crushed as a series of captions reads: INCRIMINATED … ACCUSED … BUSTED … CHARGED.

What could be more sickening than a corporate love-in by Mac, Pepsi and the Super Bowl in an attempt to tell the ‘kids’ to stop downloading tunes and pay to ‘The Man’ instead? And then having the audacity of trying to associate The Clash with their sickening exercise in cod-rebellion?

Joe Strummer must be going turbo in his grave!

No doubt Apple’s next slick advert will be telling us how rebellious the brand really is and Pepsi’s next $$$$ advert will be insisting that they’re ‘down’ wit de yoot.

I fought the law, my fucking arse.

See the ghastly advert here and read what The Register has described as “of the greatest public relations disasters in history”

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