Battling with a deadline… again

Battling with a deadline… again

Once again, yours truly is suffering the (occasional) agonies of life as a freelance writer; i.e. sitting inside when the weather’s lovely, a deadline’s looming and the house is full of distractions.

In time honoured fashion, I’ve found a whole slew of pointless activities to distract me from actually getting on with my work, thus silently increasing the pressure by the hour.

Today I have:

1. Tidied up the flowers on my balcony

2. Installed the google bar on my browser (it’s quite good, but I turned off the stuff that reports back on my browsing habits)

3. Tided up one of my drawers, taking time to read any ancient pieces of paper inside

4. Argued passionately on my bulletin boards on subjects I’m not really interested in.

5. Looked at the fabulous Logitech Optical MX Desktop and tried to justify spending £80+ on a funky cordless keyboard/mouse combo. But look at all those mouse buttons! And it’s got a light!

I’m now off to have some dinner. No doubt cleaning the stove may prove more compelling that getting on with my pressing deadline (aaargh!!)

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