Stats for 2005

Stat attack!

For those of you who are interested in the spoddy stuff, here’s the stats for the and .net web traffic for October 2005 – unzip your anoraks and feast on the facts!
October was by far the busiest month ever for, with the domain registering 221,258 unique visitors, 308,795 visits, 1,952,533 page impressions 25,241,795 hits notching up a hefty 116.64 GB bandwidth.
The domain recorded its third busiest month this year (behind July and August), registering 80,623 unique visitors,173,274 visits, 3,851,249 page impressions and 26,609,224 adding up to 123.21 GB bandwidth.

On the boards, there were 143,296 new posts and 4,337 threads in October, with 918 new members signing up.

The bulletin boards are nearly reaching the massive total of 1,000 new posters per month!

New registrations for urban75 bulletin boards:
January 2005 887
February 2005 937
March 2005 925
April 2005 917
May 2005 929
June 2005 922
July 2005 1502
August 2005 977
September 2005 872
October 2005 918

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