Brixton photos

Oh, me poor ‘ead!

Last night’s ‘quiet’ drink turned out to be a bit of a quaff-a-thon, ending up at the excellent Juice Bar on Coldharbour Lane – a small, friendly, licensed bookstore open till 2am. Recommended – but if you’re on a diet, don’t even look at their waistline-expanding cheesecakes!

Talking of things Brixton, I’ve been out and about for the past week producing a Brixton: Then and Now series, retaking photographs of scenes recorded 50-100 years ago. I was really saddened to learn of the fate of the Empress Theatre, a massive old theatre that was – criminally – demolished in the 1980s.

Thursday was Mayday and yours truly was out in the thick of it, avoiding heavy handed police and enthusiastic jugglers.

And today is Jayday, a free pro-cannabis festival in Brockwell Park, near Brixton. I’ve been commissioned to take some photos for High Times magazine, so I’ll be snapping away all afternoon. So far the weather looks good – let’s hope it doesn’t get as bad as it was in 2001 – the wettest festival ever!

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