BBC radio here I come!

BBC radio here I come!

At 22:00 to midnight tonight I’m going to be on a live BBC London radio “pub quiz”, where I intend to quaff, quaff and quaff again – and all in the name of charideeeeee (it’s a fund raiser for Comic Relief)

I’m not too hot on pub quizzes so I’m hoping to place several pals nearby who can transmit the correct answers using a complex coughing code – with a load throat gurgling followed by an arcing big flob meaning, “pick answer three”.

Meanwhile, back in urban75 towers, the server continue to strain under an ever increasing traffic rate and I’m getting more obsessive about researching the Brixton section of the site.

But – in an attempt to score points later tonight – I’ve just learnt some obscure, and quite probably totally useless, facts:

Coca-Cola was originally green

The average person drinks 800 gallons of water during their lifetime

All gondolas in Venice, Italy must be painted black, unless they belong to a high official

American astronauts must be under 6 feet

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