A sad day for Brixton as Rushcroft Road squatters are evicted

Rushcroft Road evicted

Another large chunk of what made Brixton so unique was lost today, as a masses of police officers and High Court Enforcement Officers evicted 75 residents out of their homes in Rushcroft Road this morning.

Check out our sister site BrixtonBuzz for a full photo report and a depressing video clip showing the police and HCEOs getting stuck in.

3 Comments on “A sad day for Brixton as Rushcroft Road squatters are evicted”

  1. I watched this brutal eviction on telly and it upset me so much that I had to turn it off I was born in Brixton and it saddens me to see what it has come to the balance between the folk has widend so much very very rich & very very poor

  2. I lived with my wife and son in Rushcroft Road from 1976 until 1980 and in those days you had to pay £2000 “key money” to the outgoing tenant and a bung to the managing estate agents at Clapham Common. Not right then but better than this. Sad to see it.

  3. I lived at 34 Hayter Road, Brixton Hill, London SE9 all my young life , till I went in the R.A.F. During the War, before that I lived next door to Corpus Christie Catholic Church which was my Home from Home so often they let me march with the Sacred Heart 🙂 In Hayter Road My mother used to send me to the door to tell the Pru man my Mom was out, Because we didn’t have the monthly shilling for her Insurance. I can tell you so many stories of the Old Brixton. My heart aches to see whats has become of it. Miss the Empress Theatre, The Astoria So Manificent!!! Etc Etc. I now live in Canada.

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