Amazing Feats Of Loneliness, Jonathan Richman

Last week we went to the Soho Theatre to see Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness – and loved every minute of it.

A bit like Ripping Yarns meets the Mighty Boosh meets The League of Gentlemen, the show is set as a Victorian travelling sideshow, with Mr Gant recalling fantastic tales from his travels.

Here’s how the press blurb describes the show: 

In 1881, one of the Victorian theatres most enigmatic impresarios, Mr Edward Gant, presented his famed travelling show for the very last time. In 2009, Anthony Neilson and Headlong Theatre are proud to present a reconstruction of this historic and extraordinary evening of mystery and magic, spectacle and strangeness. Behold . . . The Amazing Feats Of Loneliness!

Anthony Neilson is one of Britain’s most acclaimed playwrights, creating pioneering, taboo-breaking new work in a bold and compassionate way. Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness is a beautiful and very funny exploration of performance and performers, of sadness, mortality and wonder.

It’s a wonderful, funny and entertaining show with quite a dark twist at the end – if Victorian melodrama is your thing, get down to the Soho Theatre before the run ends!

Jonathan Richman at the Borderline

Last Tuesday, I was lucky enough to be offered a ticket for Jonathan Richman at the small west end venue of the Borderline (thanks ianw!).

Once again he put in a superb show, stuffed full of wit, humour and youthful enthusiasm – it really is hard to believe that he was born just six years after the end of World War 2!

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