BBC One Show: it’s really, really shit, isn’t it?

BBC One Show: it's really, really shit, isn't it?

Last night, the truly dreadful One Show on BBC contrived to do a piece on the forthcoming ‘Four Lions’ comedy film by Chris Morris.

Despite the film not being seen by a single person they interviewed, they tried desperately to stir up some cheap pre-release ‘outrage’ by showing the trailer to a selection of tut-tutting, pre-primed young Muslims, some people in the street and a serious talking head who was already outraged in behalf of others.

No one had seen the film, no one knew what it was actually about, yet this shitty excuse of a show that makes “That’s Life” look like Newsnight persisted with their attempts to whip this pointless non-story into something substantial.

It was truly desperate stuff. Will someone please put this awful show out of its misery soon?

Here’s the trailer for the film:

And here’s Cassetteboy vs. The One Show:

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