Chicago: snow, fog and Jenny Jones TV show

Chicago: snow, fog and Jenny Jones

Ten years ago, I found myself being unexpectedly invited to be a guest on a popular US tabloid chat show called Jenny Jones.

They asked if I’d like to do an interview with their London film crew or – wait for it – be flown over to stay for a week in Chicago, all expenses paid.

Needless to say, I took the latter option, and soon found myself Illinois-bound, deep in the chill of a north American winter.

Chicago: snow, fog and Jenny Jones

The Jenny Jones show was filmed in Chicago’s WMAQ-TV studios – the very same place where Jerry Springer was being filmed, and I got to get ready for my US TV début in its legendary green room.

Appearing on the show and facing the curiously agitated audience was certainly a singular experience – check out my full account of proceedings here.

I fell in love with Chicago. It’s a gorgeous city, and as a fan of snow, ice and all things c-c-c-cold, I was delighted to be served up generous portions of all three during my stay.

Chicago: snow, fog and Jenny Jones
Looking out over a frozen Lake Michigan. It was unbelievably cold when I took this picture and I could barely hold my little Olympus XA 35mm compact camera for shaking.

I also took along a Fujifilm MX-700 digital camera that had a battery life of about 20 photos (reduced to five in the cold), but the XA took the best photos by miles – only the last two pics here were shot digitally.

Chicago: snow, fog and Jenny Jones

Night time in Chicago.

Chicago: snow, fog and Jenny Jones

Chicago skyline.

Chicago: snow, fog and Jenny Jones

Across the swing bridge.

There’s loads more photos from my trip here, although they’re reproduced in a smaller size (when I posted them up, I was still using a 56k modem!).

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