Boat with flags in Worthing and chafing bike rides

Boat with flags, Worthing, Sussex

This is  a detail from one of my favourite seaside pics, taken on my little Olympus XA 35mm camera half way though the longest bike ride I’ve ever done.

I rode from west London to Brighton, then along to the coast to Worthing, and then took in an adventurous route on the way home to put the total mileage at something like 125 miles – on a crap steel racer. And wearing cut-off jeans!

Ooh, the chafing!

Boat with flags, Worthing, Sussex

A few years later, I’d saved up enough cash to buy a decent bike, with a Raleigh 653 frame, Shimano 105 brakes and Ultegra 600 chainset with Mavic rims (why do I remember all this?!).

I also splashed out for some proper cycling  clothes. I’ll admit that padded lycra pants may not be the most attractive-looking things you’ll ever see, but they ain’t ‘alf kind to your nadgers.

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