Boris the Buffoon’s Booze ban

Boris the Buffoon's Booze ban

So the clueless buffoon got in and immediately banned one of life’s harmless little pleasures with a piece of spectacularly ill-thought out, knee jerk legislation.

This ridiculous law not only infringes on people’s right to peacefully enjoy a drink on the tube – perhaps after work or on their way out for a night – but it will be expensive to enforce and achieve precisely nothing.

Drunken behaviour on tubes has got precious little to do with people actually drinking on the tube train – the problems are almost always caused by people who are already drunk. Therefore this law will make zero difference and trying to enforce it will just cause friction with passengers and cause problems for LT staff.

There are already laws in place to punish anti social behaviour on London’s public transport, and we welcome further investment to protect the travelling public, but the time, money and resources needed to enforce Johnson’s plans could be far better employed elsewhere.

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