Tube strike: no Brixton tube today (7/09/10)

Tube strike: no Brixton tube today (7/09/10)

Anyone looking to travel to/from Brixton tune today, be advised: the tube station is only open for topping up Oyster cards and there are no tube trains running.

The strike has been called to to try and prevent 800 jobs being lost and to ensure passenger safety on the network.

Here’s RMT General Secretary Bob Crow:

“The message to the Mayor and his transport officials this morning is clear – stop playing fast and loose with safety, stop the drive towards unstaffed stations, drop the threat of these lethal cuts and start meaningful talks on a safe and secure future for the London tube system.”

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  1. Normally I can understand when people strike as there are usually well founded grievances, but for the RMT to have chosen today when so many people were in London to remember the Blitz, a lot of old people amongst them, I am disgusted with the strikers. Thank goodness people like that weren’t around in the war or we would certainly have lost.

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