Brick Box public art project at the old Angel pub Brixton invites local comment

There’s been ample debate on the urban75 bulletin boards about what’s been going on at The Angel – a traditional West Indian pub on Coldharbour Lane, Brixton that closed down last year.

The building has been sold off to multi-millionaire property developers Lexadon who have given local ‘community’ arts venture, Brick Box six months use of the building before the luxury flats arrive.

The project invited locals to paint their comments over the walls of the old pub. Much as I love a bit of public art, I have to say that it’s not the most attractive artwork I’ve seen – it looks like it should have ‘TOX 12’ sprayed all over it – but some of the comments are noteworthy.

Here’s a few photos taken in the summer rain.

“It’s a shame.”

Not sure what “Brixton Is An Experiment” is supposed to mean.  It’s a community to me.

“Will This Be A Pub Again?”

Very unlikely, I fear. 🙁

Read the debate on the urban75 bulletin boards or find out about the history of the The Angel pub.

2 Comments on “Brick Box public art project at the old Angel pub Brixton invites local comment”

  1. It would have been nice for lots of artists to have left artwork. This seems to have been done by only a couple of people hence the colour and text.

    Post an invitation of twitter/youtube.

  2. The painters lack grammar, spelling and elegance. I lack a job. Could there be some synergy here? I can learn to do ESOL on these Tooting reprobates – then get a job in Dubai before it’s too late (upper age limit is 60 I hear)

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