Brixton Foxtons gets “Yuppies Out” and “Yuck” graffiti

Brixton Foxtons gets "Yuppies Out" graffiti

It looks like not all of Brixton is delighted to have a shiny new Foxtons office opening up on the site of the old Speedy Noodles restaurant, with the estate agent’s windows being scrawled with the words ‘Yuppies Out’  and ‘Yuck’ over the last few days.

Brixton Foxtons gets "Yuppies Out" graffiti

As reported in an earlier post, Foxtons have an appalling reputation. After they were forced to reword their contracts after a court order from the Office of Fair Trading, here’s what The Guardian had to say about the company’s business ethics:

Staff were paid minimal basic salaries plus commission so that, according to one former employee, they were “driven to do almost anything to clinch a deal”.

Dodgy practices included pulling down other agencies’ For Sale boards and putting up their own for properties they weren’t even selling.

Brixton people! Know your enemy

[Foxtons opening party, March 9th 2013]

Earlier this week, the snooty and sneering Estate Agent Today site had this to say about the new Foxtons office opening in Brixton:

As talk surfaces of a stock market float for Foxtons, you may have wondered what it would be like to be driven around in one of those foxy little Foxtons cars.

Every estate agent’s dream – or every estate agent’s idea of a nightmare?

Well, a journalist recently went in one and reckoned she’d have had a better reception if she’d been clocked in a Nazi tank. People glared and curled their lips, apparently.

Mind you, it was Brixton.

Not that we’re saying there’s anything wrong with Brixton. But (a) it’s not Belgravia and (b) it’s where Foxtons have opened up in what was formerly probably Brixton’s idea of a health food shop – a popular quick noodle joint.

Brixton Foxtons gets "Yuppies Out" and "Yuck" graffiti

Discuss the arrival of Foxtons – and their dodgy practices – on the urban75 discussion thread (already over 300 messages long!).

Update: Read about a conversation between a Foxton’s worker and a local resident in the aftermath of  the Brixton Thatcher Death Party (where Foxton’s was paint bombed):
A lively debate outside a paint-splattered Foxtons after the Brixton Thatcher party

[All pics from the urban75 thread]

Update May 2013:
The arrogance of Foxtons: estate agent parks in clearly marked disabled bay

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  1. With this and the Tesco window smashing, it seems there’s a fairly radical undercurrent to the vandalism down your way.

    Sadly the vandals in my ‘hood are less discerning……

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