Corporate branding and Cardiff City FC. So what are we called now?

Does anyone know what Cardiff City FC are actually called now?

For all my life, Cardiff City have been known as the ‘Bluebirds’, because they played in blue and had the logo of a bluebird on their badge.

And that’s what my Dad called them and my Granddad too.  And his dad before him. Tradition, like.

Does anyone know what Cardiff City FC are actually called now?


But our new investors have decided on our behalf that we in fact should play in red with a red dragon on the badge, and knocked out the vile thing above in PowerPoint (I’m guessing the words ‘Fire and Passion’ were probably just left over from a previous business presentation).

So now that we have a new heritage-untroubled red strip and a comically bad new badge, I’m rather confused.

Seeing as it would be weird to shout ‘ Bluebirds’ at a team playing in a red strip with a red dragon on their shirts, what on earth are we supposed to call them now?

Anyone got any sensible ideas? ‘Franchise FC’ seems to fit the best so far.

Edit to add: There’s a good piece in WalesOnline today which raises some important questions, like:

1. Why has the investment/debt restructuring come only on the condition of rebranding?

PUT another way, why did the investment proposed to make Cardiff effectively “debt-free” have to come with such a controversial caveat? The reasoning so far has appeared flimsy.

Talk of Asian shirt sales is all well and good, but the actual real impact of the colour change on that particular market has been talked down by academics in the field.

Sceptical supporters may be persuaded if they are shown enough genuine business reasons for why the rebranding is a financial necessity.

If that doesn’t happen, then they are going to continue to see it as merely the whim of the Malaysian backers.

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  1. I think your new logo has been a very creditable repositioning. The dragon has a raunchy cheeky nature – maybe Lembit Opik could be called upon to be the mascot (when he recovers from his wrestling injuries).
    The old badge is more Galloway, pussycat, cream. I think cheeky dragon-chappy taking on Giant Haystacks is much more 21st century!

  2. I think the Urban75 tag: Fuck Modern Football just about sums it up.
    I also support a Championship team,we also have Far Eastern owners,we also play in blue so I shudder at this.
    Football has been a passion since the age of 10 for me & when starting out the idea of supporting my home town club was just a given.I found any other choice to be baffling.But now…well,as ALWAYS happens when the corporate mainstream latches onto something they can make money out of,they set about removing all the elements that make it appealing in the first place & present the newly sanitised anaemic version to the passionless masses for their enjoyment.
    Football & live music have both been neutered in this way & I can only be grateful that I was young before it happened.i already have pretty much fucked modern football.For the simple reason that I can’t afford to watch it.30 quid to watch us play Huddersfield Town next season? You are indeed having a laugh.
    So…why not try this…just don’t turn up.Fuck em.If it isn’t your club anymore (& I’m sure thats how it feels) then stop treating it like your club.All 20 odd thousand of you who turn up every other week.Tell them to bollocks.If you REALLY care then show them,don’t just whinge on websites & radio phone-ins.Start a grass roots movement & just point blank refuse to play the game.There’s no way they’d be able to develop this mythical international appeal quickly enough to offset an empty stadium for every home game.With that kind of damage to their income stream they’d climb down quicker than a monkey on a greased pole.
    Don’t renew your season ticket,don’t go to a game,boycott the club shop.Its the ONLY way you can possibly win this.All fottball fans say thay love their club.Well,here’s the perfect opportunity to prove it.

    Better Dead Than Red?

  3. Thanks for your feedback Bri and Tom.

    Couldn’t agree more – sadly there seems to be no shortage of success-desperate nu-fans only too happy to see our heritage being tossed out of the window.

    It’s depressing as feck.

  4. I believe, and hope, the true Cardiff City fans will continue to wear blue and call the team Bluebirds. Whilst I’m not happy with the decision I suppose its just like when the team plays in an away strip. Blue will return when the current owners fade away.

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