Dramatic sunbursts light up the London Shard skyscraper

Dramatic sunbursts light up the London Shard skyscraper

There was a dramatic London skyline seen from Brixton today as the winter sun bounced off the Shard Tower, near London Bridge.


The tower cranes look almost ghostly in the light reflected off the 309.6 metres (1,016 ft) tall, glass-covered skyscraper.

Earlier this week, the Mayor of London officially opened the panoramic viewing platform on level 72 of the 310m (1,016ft) tower, with at least four men taking advantage of the stunning location to propose marriage during the day.

The tickets aren’t cheap though, with an adult pass currently pegged at a painfully pricey £24.95.


4 Comments on “Dramatic sunbursts light up the London Shard skyscraper”

  1. Great shots indeed.

    Truth be told, I’m gagging to go up the Shard, but I’m holding off in the hope the price will drop, if only to £20.

  2. The only concessions seem to be for children. Even then, it’s still 18.95. It looks like OAPs have to pay full whack.

    Depressingly some Saturdays have already sold out- I guess they will charge as much as people are stupid enough to pay.

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