Shard London bridge at night, Jan 2011

The London Shard at night, Jan 2011

I’ve been fascinated by the sight of the Shard London Bridge slowly rising up, and have enjoyed documenting the various stages of its construction.

I walked past the tower last night, and grabbed a few more pics as I shimmied across London Bridge.

The London Shard at night, Jan 2011

The Shard passed the 235 metres (771 ft) mark at the end of November, taking the title of Britain’s tallest building from One Canada Square (in Canary Wharf) – an honour it had held for 18 years.
The Shard’s concrete core has now topped out at level 72, standing at 245 metres (804 ft), although there is still a fair way to go, with the tower eventually reaching 1,017 ft (310 m) tall.

The London Shard at night, Jan 2011

Looking south from London Bridge.

The London Shard at night, Jan 2011

In a nice seasonal twist, the sides of the Shard were quite literally lit up like a Christmas tree!

The London Shard at night, Jan 2011

The London Shard at night, Jan 2011

The London Shard at night, Jan 2011

View from the approach to London Bridge station.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes it was me interviewed on the BBC News in December about the Shard!

I’m still not entirely sure what I was doing there, but I was able to share my specialist architectural knowledge to inform readers that the tallest building in Europe will indeed “be a landmark.”

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  1. Hey Mike, I have been checking in on your website for a few years now (love the 360’s of London). I, too, am fascinated by the growth of the Shard. I had an excellent view of it from my mate’s flat in Camberwell where he lived until last month. I won’t be seeing in person again till May so your photos will help me keep up with it. BTW, I work with your friend Steve Ng at Tekserve in New York. Cheers, Cary

  2. Hi

    Great photos, love the shard have been following its progress it for some time after i was walking past it every day to work, would really like to use 1 of your photos in a London version of this

    for a startup I am working on. Not sure if you remember, but we are the guys who built the UrbanKite service, I think you were an early adoptor of, UrbanKite didnt really take off but have a new service we are working on, and the shard undercontruction would be a great metaphor


    neil or @mannyvw

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