First Great Western’s recommended train trip entertainment: how to dispose of a murder victim

First Great Western's recommended train trip reading: how to dispose of a murder victim

Heading back up to Wales for the weekend, we boarded our train at Paddington and noticed that our carriage was fitted with airplane style, on-demand touchscreens.

Keen to try out the new technology and perhaps listen to something relaxing for the journey home, I browsed the audio book listings.

And there, right at the top, was the number one offering – an hour and a half audio file telling me all I need to know about disposing of a dead body, with some “intriguing and bizarre” suggestions. Follow up recordings offered yet more grisly body disposal ideas involving ‘parts and parcels’.

Fearful of nodding off and then awakening with murderous thoughts, I elected to listen to some of my own music instead.

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