Hail the Auto Cycle! (vintage bike with motor)

We were on Box Hill this weekend and there were some lovely, super-expensive, drool-inducing road bikes with state-of-the-art gearing and featherweight frames, but this was the one I *hearted* the most:

I got chatting to the fella and he said he’d got the 50 year old petrol-driven ‘Mini Motor Gearless Cycle Outboard’ engine from eBay, and it had successfully powered him to the top of the hill.

In true Brit eccentric style, he was also building five other bikes at home (including one for his girlfriend who had arthritis and couldn’t pedal any more).

He had to drive the bike over to the licensing place to get it registered (it has a 50cc engine running hand-mixed two stroke fuel), so it has a numberplate on the back and a tax disk on the front too.

The bike’s motor runs against the rubber of the back tyre and apparently hits around 18mph max, notching up around 250 miles to the gallon.

I love it!

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  1. Imagine my surprise when I was idly rooting around on Google in my lunchbreak and found a picture of myself! I remember that day – it was nice to meet someone who was interested in my odd hobby. The engine was avaible from '49 to '57 as an add-on for any normal bike when most cars were being exported to help pay the war debt. They were made by Trojan in Purley Way in Croydon and are commontly known as the Trojan Mini Motor.

    More pictures here if anyone is interested:


  2. I have a Modern Raleigh Autocycle I made in 2005. (I had designed the Honda 31cc Unit in 1980) I am always inventing things. e mail me for pics fffranky@yahoo.com and I will send u some. I use it no tax no ins no licence no helmet needed in France Spain Portugal etc in UK needs tax mot helmet ins licence etc unless on private land caravan parks farms etc.

    due to bad health I want to sell up 4 new engines and maybe 6 DIY Kit Units to fit almost anybike or three wheel bike e mail for details.

    I saw a VeloSolex noisy smelly heavy engine at front awkward for a young female to ride in 1975 and sketched my own ideas then for a 4 stroke Honda quiet unit at rear of bike 200mpg and power to carry two on a tandem even.

    I also seek to buy a Autocycle trojan model on the road or mot failure e mail pics and price please Frank. or 07733-932 810.

    have a nice day.

  3. Nice!

    I just picked up one today that had been in a garage for more than 30 years. After cleaning contact breakers, install a sparkplug and a high voltage terminal I made it run. The carb was flooding nd removed. The needle was badly damaged and after some mecanical “adjustments” it was grinded down and polished in the late. Then working perfect. All I need now is a bicycle from the correct time period.

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