Help save the fabulous Pollock’s Toy Museum in central London

Help save the fabulous Pollock's Toy Museum in central London

Claiming to be the oldest Toy Museum in the UK, Pollock’s Toy Museum is housed in two buildings dating from 1750 and 1850, and it’s stuffed full of childhood nostalgia.

Totally independent and a far cry from the sanitised touchscreen experiences offered by many museums, Pollock’s exudes a wonderful old world charm, and it’s a wonderful place to spend a few hours.


The pandemic has hit this small museum hard, and although they successfully crowdfunded £15,000 to keep themselves afloat, they’re now looking to hit a target of £25,000 to allow them to reopen when guidelines allow.

They say:

We look forward to welcoming you back when we can. The support has been incredibly touching and has made us feel true joy. Thank you!


Yet, the future is still unclear. We have created a stretch target so we can be resilient in the face of these difficult times.


It’s unknown when we will be able to reopen and we are concerned business rates will return and the furlough scheme will end before we see an improvement in visitor numbers. Alongside this there is uncertainty around the future of our wonderful buildings.


All money raised with our stretch target will go into securing the buildings and making sure we can keep our doors open even if we have low visitor numbers or have to limit numbers for social distancing.


We also have a long term aim to build a public programme of events and opening our print studio for open-access use and educational, printmaking workshops.

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