Here’s where Brixton is according to Apple’s new Maps app

Here's where Brixton is according to Apple's new Maps app

While I was up in Cardiff over the weekend, my nephew was proudly showing off the new iOS6 operating system on his iPhone.

With many reports detailing how catastrophically awful Apple’s new Maps app is, I thought I’d give it a go – and it was even worse than I expected – it couldn’t even find the great town of Brixton!

Typing in ‘Brixton’ brought up a location near Aldershot for ‘Brixton Anthony J’. Further research revealed Mr Brixton to be an electrician – great if your fusebox has blown but not so great if you’re looking for directions to the Brixton Academy.

Typing in other addresses brought forth equally unexpectedly results – Heathrow was in someone’s house and my home village had shimmied 10 miles up the valleys.

Strangely enough, repeating the same searches sometimes brought completely different results – sometimes correct, by mostly they were miles – or even continents – out. What is Apple playing at?!

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