In photos: The street preacher of Shepherd’s Bush, west London

In photos: The street preacher of Shepherd's Bush, west London

As some of you may know, I’ve been documenting the street preachers of Brixton for some time, and given that most of them employ unfeasibly loud speakers to bellow out their message, it was quite a pleasure to come across this mild mannered chap when I visited Shepherd’s Bush recently.

In photos: The street preacher of Shepherd's Bush, west London

Donning a jaunty floral shirt covered by a tabard emblazoned with quotes from the Bible, the fellow had positioned himself close to the tube station and was politely handing out leaflets.

When he spotted me taking a photo of him from behind we struck a deal: if he poses for me (see above), I’ll take one of his leaflets!

In photos: The street preacher of Shepherd's Bush, west London

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