In praise of Kate Bush… [videos]

In praise of Kate Bush... [videos]

Famously described by John Lydon as “fucking brilliant” and “a true original,” I’ve loved Kate Bush’s work ever since I heard the beautifully unique ‘Wuthering Heights.’

Despite her stunning albums being well received, she only toured once in 1979, and has been reluctant to appear in public ever since – prompting her to tell the Guardian that ‘she’s not some weirdo recluse‘!

Here’s some of her videos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Here’s her duet with Pete Gabriel. It’s quite remarkable – and tragic – that a song about Thatcherite Britain from the grim times of the mid-1980s should resonate so powerfully in 2010.

One last video (because I could listen to these all night!).

One last thing…

Here’s her lesser known duet with Rowan Atkinson. It’s very funny.

[Kate Bush wikipedia]
[Kate Bush official site]

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  1. It’s always great to meet other Kate Bush fans. I’ve loved her since I was a kid and can never get enough of her music and vids. She truly is unique and special.

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