Guinness Trust, Somerleyton Rd, Brixton fights the landlords

Guinness Trust, Somerleyton Rd, Brixton fights the landlords

Another housing battle is brewing in Brixton, with residents living in and around The Guinness Trust estate uniting against their landlords.

The Guinness Trust are proposing to demolish the estate and rebuild the blocks nine stories high, thereby increasing the capacity of the estate by 30%.

Tenants feel that their concerns about the development are being ignored, and this film documents their efforts to get a fair say in the proposals.

Discuss it on urban75: Guinness Trust plans for Loughborough Park Estate

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  1. Dear Guiness Trust I would like to ask if I could use your hall for a summer school because your hall is big enough and everywhere else is not a perfect fit. i would like to confirm the dates as soon as possible, and if I dont get back to you I would like you to cancel and send me a message saying no I cant. I will look for smoewhere else but this is where I think we should do it. I would like to maybe arrange some stuff whith a reseptionist however if this cant happen email me and I will be waiting for a reply.
    thanks for your help.
    Chelsea Agyeman

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