Incredible sci-fi Brixton robot future imagined

Incredible sci-fi Brixton future imagined

Wow. I’m loving these Bladerunner-esque dystopian images and ‘work in progress’ video (below) by Kibwe X-Kalibre Tavares‘ showing a future Brixton full of robots, including a revamped Barrier Block.

Here’s how he describes the project:

These are a collection of images of what Brixton could be like if it were to develop as a disregarded area inhabited by London’s new robot workforce. Built and design to do all the task humans no longer want to do. The population of brixton has rocketed and unplanned cheap quick additions have been made to the skyline.

Incredible sci-fi Brixton future imagined

The video is even better! See the finished piece here.

More photos on Flickr

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