It’s Summer! Some of my old art school work…

It's Summer! Some of my old art school work...

It’s summer!

Back in the day when an 2MB RAM-packing Amiga A1200 and a copy of DPaint was as good as it got in the computer graphics department, a lot of my work was done with old fashioned pencils, stickers and photo prints.

Above is  one of a series of works I created by scratching on 6″ x 4″ photo prints and scribbling with pens and stickers. I rather like it.

Rhoose airport, Cardiff

It's Summer! Some of my old art school work...

Here’s another scratched up piece showing the actual plane that I boarded from Rhoose Airport when I was a kid en route to Costa Torremolinos or wherever it was we went. Look! The plane has propellers! That’s how old this photo is!

All I can really remember from that holiday was that the Spanish wiring was so bad that whenever we got the lift up from the beach, the voltage would stick your hand to the metal handle and make you do an early form of breakdancing.

414 Club flyer, Brixton

It's Summer! Some of my old art school work...

Created in Corel Draw 3 back in something like 1997 is this flyer template for the 414 Club in Brixton. As you can see, spaces have been left for the DJs (almost certainly my old muckers, the Liberators) and the date. Rave flyers, lol.

Most of us at college thought that designing flyers – and perhaps reaching the giddy heights of designing an album cover – was about as good as it could possibly get as a graphic designer. You soon learn that it’s a pretty shit and thankless job.

Sadly, I’m still designing the ruddy things now, but at least they’re for my own club.

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