I’ve ordered my drum kit!

After months and months of randomly banging biscuit tins, table tops and anything else capable of making a percussive noise around the house, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and bought a new drum kit (after raising the funds through some camera flogging).

Mindful of the noise of an over-excited blogger belting the fuck out of a kit, I’ve bought a Pearl Traveller kit which comes with these clever-clogs wire mesh heads that feel like real skins but are near-silent – and if I want to do a gig, I just swap ’em over for the real thing and I can bish! bosh! to my heart’s content!

Best of all, the thing packs away really small too.

Seeing as the last kit I had was a super-pro Pearl rack mounted monster with 9″ brass snare and enough drums to equip a small army, it’s going to be fun getting back to a basic kit. And if I’m not totally crap after all these years, there may be some kind of jamming type thang on offer at Offline soon! But only if I’m not rubbish.

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