Modern football is rubbish


So, I fancy taking my girlfriend to see a game at Cardiff.

Until recently this meant having a few pints at the pub and then turning up at the match and paying on the turnstile and then walking on the terrace to find my friends. Simple.

Here’s how modern football does it.

1 Go through the palaver of registering as a fan on the hideous website
2 Pay £4 to become a ‘fan’ capable of buying a ticket (£20 if I want to go to an away game)
3 Register my girlfriend as a fan (this involves logging off and starting over)
4 Log back in
5 Pay £4 on my girlfriend’s behalf so I can buy her a ticket
6 Battle with hideous booking system in an attempt to buy tickets remotely close to my friends
7 Fail miserably
8 Ring up and buy tickets
9 End up miles from my mates at the game

If I was physically capable of supporting a team in Division 4 or below I would, but Cardiff’s in my DNA (hence they can get away with charging me just to have the right to buy a ticket).

Modern football is rubbish.


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