Musikki music search engine could be a winner

Musikki music search engine looks worthy of your attention

As a hard core music lover and enthusiastic but accident-prone DJ of little renown, I’m always checking out new ways to discover great new artists, and I’ve recently been spending some time on Musikki, a new search engine designed especially for seeking out new bands.

A right rough diamond

Still in beta, there’s still a few rough edges but I’m digging the functionality: just type in a band’s name and you’ll be served up videos, a band bio, discography and photos, plus tweets containing the band’s name and a listing of any upcoming events.

Musikki music search engine looks worthy of your attention

Related artists

Musikki is dead simple to use, but its real stand out feature is the ability to suggest similar or related artists.

I tried it out by typing in the name of an excellent but fairly obscure Americana outfit called The Innocence Mission and was immediately pointed in the direction of another excellent but fairly obscure Americana/gospel act called The Welcome Wagon featuring the Rev. Vito Aiuto and Mrs. Monique Aiuto.

I’d never heard of them before – and I’m thinking I should have because Sufjan Stevens produced their album – but their “But For You Who Fear My Name” song is absolutely fantastic.

Come to think of it, Sufjan is also a massive fan of the Innocence Mission, so from within the deep confusion of my lingering hangover, the connections are all beginning to make some sort of sense.


(This article first appeared on Wirefresh in a sightly different form, in case you’re wondering)

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